Personnel Deployment :

Being focused on our prime objective of Deployment of Security Guards and time to time development in technique with exports, we have the pleasure to make you know "our personnel deployment management compliances" which are as follows:

Uniqueness in our deployment management is, it is quite Effective and Result Oriented. Further it is Highly Communicative to the special instructions given by our customer time over time. Such management practices not only improve our credibility in short span of time but also rendered utmost satisfaction s of qualitative service to our customers.

Deployment Management :

  1. We provide personnel who are suitably trained for the field to meet the requirement .They are "HIGHL Y EXPERIENCED AND ENERGETIC PERSONNEL TO YIELD BETTER RESULT". We provide both trained civilian as well as ex-serviceman security personnel depending on the need of our valued customer.
  2. We follow strict norms for selection or personnel for performing various duties. We strictly ensure that the personnel selected for performing Guards, Supervisor, and Inspector and above etc most be physically rebuts and are medically and mentally sound. The minimum 'IN-TAKE' physical height criteria minimum are 5’6” and minimum matriculate by education. For higher category of personnel, the educational & physical criteria go upward. However being service oriented organization, our selection not1]1s are flexible as to suit our customer's need.
  3. We believe that personnel working with us are not only deployee but our "Image Ambassador:' Therefore, ensuring hereby payment to them on their site of deployment is our top priority without linking it to the monthly bills payment receipt from concerned customer, which is sure to be received sooner during the month.At present recruitment of personnel is carried out from both inside and out of Orissa. Presently our recruitment centre’s arc situated at Odisha and from nearby states.
  4. We provide qualitative training" to newly recruited personnel for 15 days before deployment by our experts and ex-army personnel.
  5. In case of deployment of group of security personnel at one site we have additional provision of deployment of security supervisor and security area officer as per the need of our customer. Such deployment is quite communicative to special instructions given by our customer time over time efficient controlling of security services.

Terms & Conditions of Deployment:

  1. Once we undergo formal contract agreement with our customer, it must stand for minimum period or twelve months, which may be extended for further period.
  2. The organization (SSS) will be in position to deploy its personnel at your establishment/premises only after receiving the confirmed work order and will finish deployment within max.30days
  3. You will provide accommodation for our security personnel within your premises along with bed or cot water supply & electricity etc.
  4. We will provide torch with cell the first time, further you will provide torch cell office stationeries, etc. for maintaining the records as per requirement.
  5. Our company reserves the right to change or replace any security personnel without any prior information, so that they may not be familiar with other element such as factory employee etc.
  6. Our organization should have the sole right on the management or deployed security personnel, abiding the standing order of the company.
  7. In the event of the absence of any security personnel due to unavoidable reason, duties will be performed by the newly deployed personnel or by remaining personnel.
  8. In the event of any incident occurred at your site a joint committee of both party of contract will scrutinize the matter and shall submit a written report within three days of the occurrence. We do not allow any deduction as penalty from our monthly service bill. Our organization shall not be held responsible for any loses, damage, theft or any other similar unforeseen events.
  9. In case any incident occurred during the duty period with any security personnel deployed at your establishment the medical treatment facility and medical treatment bill shall be paid by you.
  10. In event or any firing by gunman during the duty period, deployed at your site the cartridge purchase amount shall be paid by you.
  11. Performance review of our security 'personnel deployed at your site shall be observed out by the joint committee of both companies.
  12. You arc requested not to offer any employment to our employees either during the contract period or after one year of contract period directly or indirectly.
  13. In the event of termination of contract you will inform us before one month in written, otherwise the amount of service charges shall be payable for entire contract period.
  14. Bill of our service charges shall he produced by 1st of the day every month and it should be paid within ten days of the following month by A/C payee cheque or bank draft issued in favour of our Company.
  15. You will pay the reasonable fair of security personnel at the time of deployment and second class train fare for outside station. Please note that above 10 nos. of man power at your establishment, 01 nos. supervisor must be hired for proper controlling.
  16. As and when your company deserves us to guard the valuable inventories in store house or in open yard, your company has to provide time to time list of inventories inputs and outputs to us who enable to handle smoothly, the deal. by our security personnel.
  17. The company also has to provide gale pass for the deployed labourers, contractors or any other employed employee.